Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tat pain

I recently got a new tattoo added to the collection on my body. People always ask why do I ink my body. There are several reasons. 1) I LOVE art , and what better way than to have it on my body forever. 2) I love the pain. No I am not mentally ill. I'll go into detail later. 3) Every tattoo I have has special meaning to me.
   I usually go to get inked when I am going through something difficult. I can look at them and remember exactly where I was in my life and why I got it. The pain I go through when getting a tattoo puts a physical reminder on the emotional pain I am experiencing. Some of life's situations hurt alot sometimes. At the end though there is a work of art that is created. It's beautiful and is there to stay. This happens in every situation in my life. It hurts, it sucks, but in the end my artist {God} has created something so magnificent in my life to make all that pain worth it. I <3 tattoos. :) This particular one is my son's name with an anatomical heart because he is my heart. :)