Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Night and day it's Cinderellie

    Most of my life I've been able to relate to the Disney princess Cinderella . From the time I can remember , I was abused and childhood robbed from me on several occasions. I cared for my younger siblings as if they were my own from the age of 14 to this day. Cleaned, cooked, took care of the home and was taken advantage of. Much like Cinderella in her early years .

 Then there was a glimmer of hope. Hope to have my own life. A life filled with happiness and love. I got an invitation to a royal ball.. I met my boy's father. I got dressed for the ball. Married and had two beautiful boys .

  Then life (AKA evil step sisters) started ripping apart my gown in a ferocious way. My gown I worked so hard to keep together . Every rip and every tear of fabric , was a part of what I loved and held dear to my heart. Just torn away. A man I loved , never loved me . A house full of memories , being sold . Friends I loved , gone . The list goes on , too personal and private to reveal. But as I sit here, I'm trying to hold on to the little bit of material that still clings to my broken heart . Hoping one day my fairy godmother comes and makes me a beautiful gown and I'll get to go to the ball . I'll meet my Prince and he will love me for me. 
 So until then .. I sit in the garden crying at how cruel life has been. Holding on to the shreds of fabric to cover my naked soul.