Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Reason for the Season

  It wasn't our traditional, going to Church, then big family dinner type Easter. It was quite the opposite. Isaac was sick and we had to watch service online and not go to my friend Michelle's house for family dinner. It was different, but awesome all in the same.

  This Easter was a very emotional one for me. Being a parent just puts a new perspective to alot in life. One of the songs the band sang was accompanied by scenes from "The Passion".  I became extremely emotional when I saw Mary watch her son Jesus carry the cross to his death. Being a mom, I can't even stand to see my son sick. It breaks my heart. I could never imagine what Mary was feeling that day and it broke my heart.

  I heard one mom say it like this. Her son was 2 years old, stepped off the exam table at the doctor, and broke his femur. One of the most painful breaks you can have. He was put in 2 full leg {a post attached to each leg so he couldn't move} and body cast. When the casts came off he had to re learn how to walk and had many sores from the cast. She said if someone came to her and said , " We would like your son to go through that again , so his best friend does not have to go through it." She obviously said "NO!... I love his best friend, but I will not have my son hurt for another child" ....

  God did more than that for us. He sent his ONLY son to die a horrible death on a cross so we would not have to. I could never imagine putting my son through such a horrific event. It makes me so grateful that I don't have to go through or watch my son go through that.  He paid the ultimate price for us! Makes my love grow more and more everyday for my Savior :)
 Happy Easter to you all and pray you can experience the same joy and emotion for Jesus like I do.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My perfect baby

   Every parent {especially mommies} ALL say their baby is the BEST! Their baby is absolutely perfect. I know this to be true because I say it all the time. I have such a huge amount of love for my son it almost seems unreal! I love being  mommy!

  As I sat and wondered .. "How could every baby be perfect?". I had a thought one would say an epiphany :p. Every baby IS perfect for their parent. That baby was made for that parent. Therefore no one else could love that baby like you do. Then I thought.. what about adopted babies. Well my theory is that God knows who that baby is going to , so he makes it perfectly for that adoptive parent. So all in all my belief is that my baby is awesome and yours is too, cause God made them that way! :p