Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Happy Birthday my bundle of Laughter

So there is something about your child turning 5 years old that just breaks your heart.{ In a good way if that possible} They are a "kid" now. Not a baby , not a toddler... a full blown kid. My Isaac 5 years ago gave me the best gift ever. Being a mom. His name means laughter and boy have I laughed these past 5 years. Sometimes I laughed because the only other option was to cry. Nonetheless. He makes me laugh and brings joy to all those around him. I believe that a child's birthing process tells you a lot about their life and what is to come. Isaac took his time. He was very patient and not in a hurry. That is my little boy to this day. Takes his time and is very methodical about a lot of things. I love it. Not when we are rushing out of the door, but even then I need to remind myself life goes too fast and I need to take a minute to smell the flowers. Flowers. My son knows I love them and every chance he gets, whether they belong to a business' lawn or the dandelion out back, he bring me flowers. He makes sure he hugs me everyday , tells me I'm beautiful, and kisses my cheek. He is the sweetest thing I have ever had in my life.
 He LOVES Red Lobster. So we went out for his birthday dinner, since he already had his party on Sunday. As I sat there watching him eat his ice cream { as only creepy mothers can } I started to tear up. My baby was in my arms 5 years ago in a little 9.5 lb bundle of perfection. I savor these moments and hope they don't go buy too quickly. I love you my sweet Isaac . Happy Birthday!

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