Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Staining Concrete Floor Tutorial

So I have been planning on redoing my kitchen and dining room floor for a while. As we all know, replacing floors is not cheap. I had a cheap ugly laminate floor that had lost all of its luster and shine. So one day I got sick of looking at it and started to google and pinterest cheap ways to redo floors. I came across concrete staining . Seemed pretty easy and cheap. So I embarked on a very easy journey.
 First I removed all the molding and quarter round. You are going to want to be careful with the molding, unless you are going to buy new ones. I was looking for cheap, so I saved the molding. Ripped up the laminate with a hammer { very stress relieving}. I do recommend Gloves. My hands are pretty tore up.

Once that was done I vacuumed with a shop vac all the dust and dirt. I then mixed Washing soda , borax , and a little of dish soap in a bucket.
I then just poured the whole bucket onto the concrete and began scrubbing with a steel wool sponge.
You can use heavy duty machinery , but didn't want to spend the money to rent one, plus the sponge got into the corners and got the paint spots up pretty easy. Once it was scrubbed ( I recommend knee pads) I vacuumed it up with the wet vac. Then went over with a scraper to make sure there wasn't any major bumps.
Some people use concrete filler to get a completely smooth look for divots , but I didn't care that much. So I didn't .If you do be sure to read the instructions.
I washed the floor again with just dish soap and went over it again with the wet vac.
After it dried I applied my first coat of stain. I bought it at Lowes and needed about one can mixed for both my kitchen and dining area. They have several colors to choose from . I went dark.

I went with semi transparent in case I liked the look of the first coat. I didn't. I applied it with a paint roller and you could see everything.
So when it dried I hand brushed painted another coat mixed with some old paint I had.

I swiped some down in a half circle motion then went over it with the stain to blend it in. I was much happier with this result.
After about 2 hours it was dry and I went over it with a wet look sealer. Let it dry for 2 hours and went over it again with another coat.

I put a third coat on the next morning to make sure it was sealed cause I am that person. It is now pretty and dry but will not put anything heavy on it like chairs or table until it has cured for 3 days. I am able to walk on it and everything but want to make sure it cures right.
Maintenance is simple. Sweeping and mopping. No harsh cleaners for mopping . Dish soap and warm water. Hope you enjoy your project as much as I .


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